Send SMS
from Google Sheets

Sending messages has never been easier

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Reach your contacts in seconds

Send a one-shot campaign, or with an automated trigger

Whether you need to send one-time campaigns or send messages all day from your CRM. Only pay for what you use.

Skip the complicated setup

Messaging services require configuration and ID verification (which can take days). We handle the complicated stuff so you can start sending SMS right away.

Tap the power of tools you know and love

Combine the powerful Google Sheet formulas to create personalized messages. Build an automated workflow that triggers SMS at the right time.

Get started in 4 simple steps

Duplicate our Google Sheets template

Our pre-build spreadsheet has everything to get you running in no-time.

Open and copy our template

Install the spreadsheet add-on

Get the add-on

Use our magic formula

Use your own conditions to trigger the SMS.
A starter formula is included in the template.

Get your API key and start sending

Buy SMS and get your key

Pay for what you use.
No subscription

🎁 Launch offerlimited to 100 users

300 SMS

(US-only for now)

$5launch offer
  • 30 seconds setup
  • Use our pre-made template
  • Unlimited users
  • Personalize SMS with variables
  • Automatically send SMS with formulas
This project is retiredThis project is retired


What is an API key/token and where do I get one ?

Once you've installed the spreadsheet add-on, you will need an API key (or token) to use with the sendSms() formula. It's a suite of random characters that looks like this: "gn2LBdb1DtaWam"
You can get an API key by paying $5 via our Stripe checkout form above. We'll send you one by email once the payment is complete.
Your API key must not be shared as it gives access to your paid SMS credits.

Do I need to buy to try ?

$5 is all you need to get started and will probably cost you less in time and money than setting up other messaging services.
If you're unhappy with Sheet 2 SMS, please reach out so I can refund you.

Why not use Twilio instead ?

Twilio asks for a $20 initial funding and requires your ID verification which can take days to approve. Besides, configuring Twilio is tedious and wastes precious time if all you need is to send a few hundreds SMS to existing contacts.

With what number are you sending SMS ?

+1 772 492 4476 (US)

Can I change the number I'm sending SMS from ?

Not yet.
Choosing a number is rarely useful for simple SMS campaigns. If you need to choose a specific number, you should use more complex services.

Can I send SMS to non-US numbers?

Not yet.
Pricing and sending policies can greatly differ from one country to another. To simplify, Sheet 2 SMS only does US numbers for now. If sending to other number is of interest to you. Drop me an email with the country you'd like to send SMS to.

Can I receive replies to my SMS ?

Not yet. The goal of Sheet 2 SMS is very simple: to send SMS to people easily.

Can I send a SMS longer than 160 characters ?

Not yet. Pricing differs for longer SMS. For simplicity purpose, it's not yet available.

I want to send more than 300 SMS is it possible ?

Absolutely, you can proceed to checkout as often as you'd like. If you use the same email we will credit your account with 300 additional SMS.
For example, if you had 190 SMS remaining and checkout again with the same email address, you will now have 490 SMS on your account. If you really need many more SMS, contact me.

Can I spam people and be irresponsible ?

Message content is not monitored but meta-data such as recipient number and timestamps are stored 2 months for security purposes. I reserve the right to disable any account that violate Sheet2SMS's usage policy without notice.

I cannot get it to work

If you struggle setting up Sheet 2 SMS,
you may have missed this help doc.
If you still have issues, please reach out to me for help.